• We will push you past your limits every workout, then wipe your sweat!

    $1 per minute
  • Push yourself, your friends, push your community to all get better!

    $1 per minute
  • Massages to alleviate pain, reduce scar tissue and release knots, ect.

    $1 per minute
  • June 14th – July 30th Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays Hours: 9am-12pm

    Started Jun 14

    350 US dollars
  • Starting June 7th -July 30th Monday – Friday from Hours: 1-2pm.

    Started Jun 7

    100 US dollars
  • Css Wellness is Styku Official!

    Clients $25, Non $35
  • Work better in groups? Join one of our groups of up to 20 people!

    $1 per minute
  • Need help meal planning? Kenzie's got your back!

    50 US dollars