Our Story

Starting in the Basement

The owner, Brian Leggett, started training two clients in the basement of his house, after his wife Tarra, left her job to become a stay-at-home mom to their son, LB.

Using his philosophy of convenient and simple training regiments, he built a full schedule of sixteen clients and knew it was time to move out of the basement. 

Brian moved into his own studio on Richmond Road soon after outgrowing the basement gym. He built our community to hold private, semi-private and group sessions in a tiny studio. In only 500 square feet he set goals, made new friends and developed the philosophy of PROGRESSION OVER PERFECTION! 

Fate stepped in as he looked for a larger space to grow the studio. By chance he found the perfect space just down the road wit 3000 square feet! CSS Wellness can now better serve our clients in the four pillars of CSS Wellness: Strength, Cardio, Nutrition and Recovery. 

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