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Prepare for change! This lady knows how to create change in her clients!

Heaven is a former Collegiate Track and Field Women’s High Jump athlete from Lexington, Kentucky.  She attended Hanover College, and graduated from University of Kentucky with a Bachelors in Exercise Science.She is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, her favorite types of training include Hypertrophy & Strength Training (muscle growth) as well as Stability and balance. Her creative exercise design and adaptability sets her apart from other trainers. Heaven can be whatever type of coach you need from hype woman, to cheerleader, support coach. Heaven’s favorite part about being a trainer is the connection and friendships she makes with individuals from all different walks of life.

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Need to move better, feel better, jump higher, or lose a little weight? McKenna is for you!

Born and raised in Lexington, Kentucky, Mckenna loved playing basketball as a youth, leading to her playing on the collegiate level.  McKenna obtained her Bachelors in Sports and Exercise specializing in Athletic Performance. Being an athlete and a sports fanatic herself, created her passion for building young athletes to be elite. Along with training our youth, she takes great passion in training her day-to-day clients who are looking to become stronger and feel better!

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With a passion for helping his clients feel as good as they look, Nef's gentle touch will propel you to new heights.

Relocating from West Palm Beach, Florida, Nef came to Lexington, Kentucky with his mother and siblings. While being NASM certified, his favorite types of workouts are HIIT workouts, but focuses on stability and mobility within his career. With a mindset of ‘How you do anything, is how you do everything’, Nef’s believes that whatever work we put in, is the work that we will get out. If we put in all of the work, we will reap all of the results that we desire.

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Mr. Get You Big! Love to throw around some weight? Parker is your guy!

Parker is from Bardstown, Kentucky. He is a Veteran of the United States Marine Corps, I.S.S.A. Certified and is currently pursuing a degree in Physical Education at the University of Kentucky. He specializes in Strength and Conditioning, Body Building and Improving mind/body connection. Parker's ability to maximize every repetition sets him apart from other trainers.

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Athletic training for both young and old, Justin makes his clients move!

Justin was born in Indianapolis, IN but grew up here in Lexington. He is a senior at the University of Kentucky studying Kinesiology and Health Promotion. Justin is NASM certified and specializes in Youth Group Fitness and athletic performance. Justin’s greatest strength as a trainer is his high energy, patience and positive approach towards achieving long-term and short-term individual goals. Justin coaches middle school basketball, and hopes to specialize in high-level basketball skills training one day.

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Time in the gym should be fun and you'll have plenty of it with this lovable guy!

Jacob is a graduate from Eastern Kentucky University with a B.S. in Exercise and Sports Science.  Along with being a former member of EKU Men's Rugby team, Jacob is certified through ACE strength and muscular training.  His goal is to help make the gym and working out an enjoyable experience where people can grow towards their goal and retain consistency within their fitness journeys'.

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Step 1 to Sign Up for Personal Training

CSS Fitness Assessment

It's time to take action! Here is where you start.  Step 1 of your journey of the CSS Process begins with scheduling your initial assessment. During your fitness assessment you will complete the following:

1.  Tour our facilities

2. Receive your Styku 3D body scan

3. Test your flexibility, mobility, balance, strength and endurance while you complete the CSSFit Test

4. Set some goals

5. Develop a personalized plan that will allow our Repetition Technicians to take you beyond your goals

The first day of the rest of your life starts today! 

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Let's choose your trainer

This will be the trainer who administers your fitness assessment

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Kind, sweet personality, and will make you sweat!

 Skylar is a former collegiate cheerleader from Georgetown, Kentucky. She attended the University of Louisville and graduated with a B.S. in Exercise Science. She is certified through NASM and enjoys a variety of training. One of her favorite types is HIIT & circuit training. She is passionate about nutrition, cooking, trying new recipes, and reading/researching all things health and nutrition. Her goal with her clients is to spread positivity and knowledge while pushing them to be the best versions of themselves in and out of the gym. Skylar’s favorite part about being a trainer is getting the chance to meet and connect with so many different individuals.

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Want to try our a Private Small Group?

Take a look at this week's schedule and give us a call to reserve your spot

Call: 859-567-9626 to schedule

Take a look at all we have to offer.  Whether you prefer more fast pace, in your face HIIT training, or a more relaxed environment, we have something for everyone.

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